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What is Supremacy?

Supremacy is an epic 24/7 live stream of a battle arena which hosts gigantic AI controlled War machines fighting for their factions, spectators can also join in the fun by supporting the War machines in their faction by utilising supporter abilities; such as Nukes, airstrikes.

Learn more at supremacy.game

My Role

As the second game developer to join the team, I made significant contributions to the project. My responsibilities included developing gameplay features, creating tools, and producing various forms of content such as trailers, advertisements, and NFTs.

In close collaboration with management and the art team, I helped bring the game's vision to fruition. In addition, I assisted in onboarding new game developers and managed the concept art team of over 10 members for a period of time.

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Battle Arena Video

Below is a typical battle in Supremacy, players can watch the live stream and use various abilities to impact the outcome of the fight. If they have a War Machine participating in the battle, they can even control its movements and actions.


Below are some of the features, tools and content I developed.

Composable Mechs

As part of my role, I collaborated with the concept and 3D art teams to create new mechs (x6), weapons (x27), and attachments (x6) for Supremacy. Ensuring that all weapons and attachments could be fitted onto every mech required high-level decision making and overseeing the production of assets. I also implemented a system in the engine to correctly attach and scale these assets.


I implemented the Turret ability for players to deploy in their desired location. The Turret utilizes ray-tracing to locate and attack enemy Mechs within its line of sight. It's movement is not animated and is instead programmed to apply force and rotation.

Media Content

I had the opportunity to work on various video content for Supremacy, including trailers, social media content, advertisements, NFT renders, and graphics for websites. I thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of my job, as it allowed me to tap into my creative skills and create engaging and interesting videos.

Anti-Missile Utility

The Anti-missile utility is a attachment for Mechs that automatically detects and shoots down enemy rocket pods before impact. It uses programming to apply force and rotation, rather than being animated.'

Map Design - The Hive

The Hive Map, I designed for Supremacy, resolves the issue of identifying Mech factions through the use of hexagonal tiles that light up in the corresponding faction's color. The tiles are programmed to raise and lower, creating a dynamic and shifting map in a futuristic, dystopian setting.

Simple AI

At the start of Supremacy's development, I worked on implementing basic artificial intelligence behaviors like patrolling and shooting enemies. This allowed me to gain experience with Unreal's Behavior Tree approach to AI and its pathfinding system.

Repair Game Prototype

In Supremacy, players are required to repair their mechs after battles. This project was developed as an alternative to the current game, which involves stacking blocks. The goal of the prototype was to provide a more immersive and engaging way for players to repair their mechs following battles.

Ability Spawner

I developed an ability spawner with customizable properties, including trigger conditions and activation. This was created to allow the media content team to produce scripted content, reducing the time required to make videos by minimizing randomness.

Race Track

I created the Race Track tool and map to efficiently evaluate the balance of mech speeds and ensure the accuracy of walking and running animations. It was also used to test various power cores that give mechs different movement power properties.

Power Core

The Power Core is a crucial element of a Mech's loadout in Supremacy. It consists of three sections: Movement Power, Weapon Power, and Utility Power. I developed the Power Core to give players an additional feature to manage as part of their battle strategy. Users can redirect power flow using key bindings. If they run out of Movement Power, the Mech will shut down temporarily. If they run out of Weapon Power, they will be unable to fire weapons that require more power than they have.

Height & Speed Tool

One of the significant challenges we faced was creating the appearance of giant mechs. To address this, I developed a Height and Speed tool that receives height (m) and speed (cm/sec) from the static data / server. This tool accurately scales the mechs and adjusts their animation speed based on these values. By editing these values, we could quickly find the desired effects.

Melee System

I enhanced the melee system to allow any weapon to be used as a melee weapon. When a weapon runs out of ammo, the Mech will lower its arm to indicate that it is now a melee weapon. I also added a slash VFX for when the mechs swing their weapons.

Chunk Loading

I worked on a project to learn and document the chunking process in Unreal. This involves dividing assets in the game into chunks that players can download from a server while in-game as needed. This helps reduce the initial download size of the game and is commonly used for DLCs.

Weapon Recoil

I created a programmed recoil system for mechs to minimize the number of unique animations required. Each weapon has a recoil force in the static data, which is used to apply a force to the Mech's arm and upper body when it fires.


I beleive that well documented PRs are very important, especially when working in a team.

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