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An endless runner mobile game I developed and produced.

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What is DodgeARoo?

In DodgeARoo players drive their four wheel drive from the beach to Uluru while dodging kangaroos.

Along the way players can tap on rubbish to recycle it, earning them coins that they can spend on upgrades and new vehicles in the Garage.

My Role

DodgeARoo is a personal project that began as a sketch. It was developed over the course of two years, with breaks in between, during a university course and in my spare time. I reached out to an artist and a sound engineer on Instagram to create the game's original soundtrack and vehicle art.

Through the development of DodgeARoo, I gained experience in game design, game programming, project organization, and collaborating with others. DodgeARoo is planned for release on Android and iOS in early 2023.


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The Beach is the first and easiest level. Recycle rubbish to earn coins.


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Spend coins in the Garage. 10 vehicles to unlock.


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The Bush is the second level, slightly harder. Clear the forest to unlock the Outback.


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The Outback is the hardest level, reach Uluru to beat the game!

Development Recap Video

In this video I recap the first 8 weeks of development on DodgeARoo that I completed at University.

Literature on DodgeARoo

Below are documents I wrote detailing the UX design for DodgeARoo, supported by research and meeting university standards.

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